Hi it’s me! Your ex green friend.

Okay admit it — you’ve been green too. Mostly unintentionally, catching the creeping feeling of prickling discomfort rising in your chest while you scroll through instagram.

Why not me?

Why don’t I have this?

Why can’t I do this?

I deserve this!

The other day on a very raw, open Facetime with my friend I said “I have grown out of envy” and I meant it. You’re probably like- wait, what do you mean you have grown out of it? Simply dropped it and never turned back?

Yes. Outgrowing envy is a conscious decision. When you wake up and decide that you alone are in charge of your own emotions, the thoughts that come into your head, and how you process these thoughts. You too can outgrow envy.

  • There is enough joy to go around. Getting into the habit of realizing the universe is big enough and there is more joy than I can need in a lifetime. Therefore, I will not be selfish and hoard it all. Your friend got a new job? Double joy! New car? Double joy! New mans? Double joy!
  • Remove yourself from a victim mindset. ‘Why not me?’ can be replaced with ‘God did it for her, his grace is sufficient and I believe he can do great thing in my life too’. If you remove yourself from the place of a victim, your perspective changes and it’s much easier to avoid feelings of jealousy.
  • Realize that you’re human and it happens. When you can clearly decipher the feeling of jealousy you will be able to call it out much quicker. Don’t beat yourself up when you recognize it, you’re human!

Sis turning green with envy is not serving you. Plant seeds in that green space and watch a bed of tulips spring forth.

You’ve got this!

becoming light, one poem at a time.